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Quality imprint artwork looks sharp and clean around the edges even under the magnification of an eye loupe.

Printing plates require film. In order to produce a printing plate, a film positive or negative is required. The term "film" here refers to a thin sheet of acetate material coated with an opaque, light sensitive material called emulsion. A film positive has a black image against a clear background and a negative is a black sheet of film with a clear image with it.


Vector artwork is artwork created on the computer using software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. Vector artwork is easier to modify than raster image files, it allows the artist to manipulate the artwork. For instance, if the logo needs to be made larger, the artist can do so without it affecting the quality of the artwork. If the logo is more than 1 colour, the artist can change it to black for film production. If the logo is more than 1 colour the artist can colour separate the artwork for film production.

Examples of artwork that are NOT in vector format:

Photographs, photocopies, faxed art, gifs, powerpoint, letterhead, business cards, Jpeg, word (.doc) (.wdp).

Any artwork that is NOT in vector format is subject to additional charges and is assessed according to the degree of difficulty.

Scans can't be manipulated because they weren't created on a computer. A scan is like a photograph it can't be changed.

Where vector art is comprised of several different elements that an artist can touch, manipulate, and/or change on the screen, scanned art is one flat element that can't be changed in any way.

Use appropriate file extension with name indicating file type.

Tiff files should be no less than 200% of final required imprint size and 600 dpi (1200 dip actual resolution at 100%). A tiff is a file format for exchanging bitmapped images (usually scans) between applications.

Files should be either EPS (encapsulated postscript) file with CorelDraw 9.0 PC (CorelDraw 8.0 Mac) compatibility, Tiff or photoshop 5.5

EPS files must be black and white.
All fonts used must be converted to curves.
Please remember...
  • Convert your text to curves or outlines (Illustrator and CorelDraw)
  • Make sure images are at least 600 dpi, size as or larger (200%)
  • include all of the needed FONTS or IMAGES (Quark Express and Illustrator)
  • All type should be at least 6 points and all lines must be at least 1 point stroke weight
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